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From a constantly crowded dim sum hall to a Mexican torta filled with all the good things, here are the favorite neighborhoods of the eater editors. Giant Tree Cake is the kind of do-it-yourself classic that attracts legions of fans every week.

The Monterey Park branch is currently located on the corner of Atlantic and Times Square in downtown Los Angeles. Happy Family had other locations in the San Gabriel Valley, but stayed true to Monterey's Park. It has moved several times over the years, mainly to make way for The Atlantic / Times Square Complex, which opened in 2010 and is now located there.

The Monterey Park site is a corner strip shopping mall hidden behind a bright red neon sign. It is easy to see why, and this is why the family-run restaurant has just signed a franchise agreement for a new location across the country. The colourful focus is on the order counter, where eager fans wait impatiently for plates of cakes.

Peppers owner Lisa Weiman says the outdoor area has helped keep the store open, even though Monterey County has closed all restaurants in the house. In Pacific Grove and Carmel, the city has been getting restaurants creative in recent weeks and building outdoor restaurants out of parking lots, which could have kept the square open even during the second shutdown. The city has allowed some restaurants, such as this one, which has become creative and has built an outdoor restaurant in a parking lot.

Not all restaurants in the county have outdoor seating, and many will have to go back just to get out, but some have survived because their owners are adapting. But he says they cannot face another shutdown like this, which could lead to a mass closure of small businesses.

Wong, who has bought and expanded several Los Angeles-area restaurants since arriving from Hong Kong in 1969, could not be reached for comment. She said she did not know what impact the sale would have on the restaurant, which is run by Margaret Wong.

Taiwanese breakfast dishes, the specialty of the place is undoubtedly the Taiwanese breakfast dish, "says David Koo, real estate agent with the California Real Estate Association, which represents the seller of both properties. Take the long-standing dim sum spot that serves Cantonese favorites, and it's simple. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes including chicken, pork, beef, chicken and pork chops, pork and beef ribs.

When you order crab and pork dumplings for the first time, sit back and marvel at the perfectly shaped small slices and save money on the meat-filled, polished brown dough slices, which are among the best single bites you'll find in Monterey Park. The rice noodles are best served rolled in a crispy fried doughnut filling, which contrasts brilliantly with the sweet, salty, spicy and salty flavours of crab, pork, chicken and beef. In this typical restaurant, the cuisine offers everything from salted fish to fried rice and beef wraps.

For just $10.95 per lunch, guests are treated to a daily agua frescas drink and a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The menu of this small restaurant is huge and moves in the mid-price range. There is a wide selection of dishes such as chicken, pork, beef and fish. As shown here, you can be a cochinita (pork grated in achiote) or a chicharron (a spicy, spicy and spicy pork sandwich) or even a BBQ (breaded escalope) with chicken or beef.

The chalk-walled menu offers a wide selection of fillings that match the wonderful bread, from standard to chef-inspired creations. Try the mango cake with mango, pineapple, mango juice, lime juice or even a mango ice cream for just $5.95.

The large menu is dominated by dishes from neighboring Sichuan province, but the typical noodles over the bridge are available and worth the effort. Japanese friends recommend salmon skin salad, and sushi sai has a special place in my heart. Personally, I'm a big fan of the sushi menu at Bollini's in Garfield, which I recommend for its excellent service, good food and great atmosphere. We have a few other favorite restaurants in the area, like the Bamboo Cafe in Monterey Park, or we avoid them all, I must say they are all great.

Hoy Ka is one of the best restaurants in Thai cuisine, but Shakas is known for dishes that reflect the Asian-Hawaiian fusion cuisine that dominates Oahu. Wild chilli dishes are made with dried and pickled peppers to create a sweet and savoury effect. Thai water - cooked dishes such as fried chicken cubes are particularly popular in this underrated restaurant.

There's much more to discover about this overlooked gem, but the catfish noodle soup with an onslaught of umami, described as "very good - executed and delicious," and the chicken and rice salad are a starting point.

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More About Monterey Park