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People eat at a food truck parked in the parking lot of the Monterrey Park Community Center in Monterey Park, Calif. People eat food from food trucks at Monterey Park Community Center in Monteclair.

NBC Seafood Restaurant (@ is located just one mile west of the hotel in the Monterey Park Shopping Center.

This is one of the few authentic Chinese restaurants that caters to Western guests and makes you feel welcome and at ease. The specialty of this restaurant is undoubtedly the Taiwanese breakfast dish, but the restaurant also offers a wide selection of other dishes such as pork belly, pork ribs, chicken, beef, shrimp, macaroni and cheese.

If you want to eat an egg roll, there is another restaurant here to satisfy your appetite. This is a small but fine dressing gown, which is perfect considering that the restaurant opens at 7 a.m. every day.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Bollinis Garfield, which I recommend, but I personally went to the other two restaurants in Monterey Park, such as Bolognese and Bistro Bocce. Both have great food, great service and great atmosphere, as well as great views of the city.

Sushi Sai Atlantic occupies a special place in my heart, and in this typically full restaurant the kitchen cooks a variety of dishes, such as salted fish, fried rice, cheekily wrapped beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and more. Japanese friends recommended the salmon salad, but Shakas is known for dishes that reflect the Asian-Hawaiian fusion diet that dominates Oahu. The grocers also serve delicacies, a product that can be served at the restaurant and other local restaurants in Monterey Park.

I was shunned by many other restaurants in Monterey Park, but not by Sushi Sai Atlantic, and I'm glad I didn't.

This is a restaurant where the Chinese menu is filled with other dishes that you probably won't miss, but everything is very well executed. The meat sauce with peppers, peanuts and green onions is excellent, and the dishes cooked in water, such as fried chicken cubes, are outstanding in this underrated restaurant.

Another amazing dish is the fat tiu cheong, which means "Buddha jumps off the wall," because it smells so delicious in the soup and smells like soup. Try the soup - stuffed steamed dumplings or the juicy fresh giant clams with sizzling shrimp. Think of following the tofu fried or steaming with a plate stuffed with black moss, a treasure trove of vegetables cooked in coconut milk, dried mushrooms or a paradise for mushroom lovers curry.

The rice noodles taste best in a crispy, fried doughnut filling, which contrasts brilliantly with the sweet and savoury pork ribs and the luscious, spicy pork belly. The tea - smoked duck is a pecan, but save your money on the meat-filled, browned brown slices of pastry, because they are some of the best single bites you can find in Monterey Park. Pork ribs with rice crumbs cost $2.95 and are served on a bamboo steamer with a bed of chestnut squash.

If you're lucky, Ricky's also offers minced beef in plum sauce rolled in salad leaves and eaten taco-style. Charming waitresses encourage you to braise tofu and black mushrooms and dice the salty pork. There are two options: achiote - grated cochinita pork ($5.50) and achikato pork, a breaded escalope with pork belly, $6.95.

In addition to the products and food on offer, the Old Monterey Farmers Market also includes a variety of community events. Baker's Alley offers a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as artisanal bakery products. Try the mango cake, for example, with mango sauce, coconut milk and cream coconut cheese, $5.00.

Chefs are moving around a lot and new restaurants are opening at breakneck speed, but these 10 favorite Monterey Park hotels are just some of the wonderful restaurants we couldn't include. Fu - shing is a restaurant that is able to satisfy the Western taste with a wide selection of dishes as well as a good selection of wine and beer.

With an experienced owner and chef named Ho Hon and a tightly managed dining room run by Ho's wife, this restaurant has it all. Prices are slightly lower than some neighbors, but Monterey Garden has never served a bad dish. This place was revered by so many people that no one calls it a restaurant, as it is in many other parts of the world.

Most Chinese who eat here are Buddhists, and owner S.T. Cheung was trained in Zen temple cuisine. The large menu is dominated by dishes from neighboring Sichuan province, but the typical noodles over the bridge are available and worth the effort.

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